Sweets, sweets, sweets.....

There are probably thousands of sweets available today - traditional humbugs, rhubarb and custard and jelly babies or new age sweets like sour cherries, fizzy bottles and meerkats!! And of course the popular favorites, marshmallows, bonbons, liquorice and coconut mushrooms! So whatever your sweet wish is, we can can make it come true.
We can also supply sugar free, vegetarian and halal sweets.

Can you find your favorite......?

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Nut, Allergies & Ingredients: The products on Pink Bon Bons website are produced in facilities where nuts are present. Therefore we cannot guarantee that the products will be nut free. We aim to supply ingredients with all products for the benefit of our customers. Ingredients/Allergens are taken from the manufacturers technical specifications, Pink Bon Bon cannot be held responsible for this content.
Ingredients on all sweets can be obtained by emailing us at pinkbonbon1@aol.com